Running a local Meetup

A year ago three of us wend from Wroclaw, Poland to DevOpsDays London. We’ve returned with heads full of ideas, with these two among them: 1. Let’s use the DevOps ways in our team and share the learnings across our organization 2. As there’s no local forum for discussing these topics with practitioners from other organizations, let’s create one The Meetup idea was simply to make it an open forum for anyone willing to present or discuss DevOps topics. Since then we had 10 meetups and went from 0 to 500 members. I’d like to share what went good and what wrong for us and encourage others to run their local groups. Maybe such short ignite could be useful for people who don’t have such local group yet.



Tomasz Tarczynski

Systems architect and Ops technical lead at Gigaset. Focused on shortening delivery times with adoption of DevOps culture, automation and measurements. Encourages sharing of knowledge and experience both within and outside of the organization. Especially excited by building modern monitoring. Organizer of the DevOps Wroclaw Meetup group.