Energize your development flow with CLIs

Creating personalized CLIs can help you streamline recurring tasks, such as setting up new development environments, managing deployments, and wrangling data.



Abraham Williams


An experienced developer, start-up founder, and international speaker, Abraham Williams brings a broad range of skills to his current role as a senior developer at Bendyworks. A top 1% contributor at Stack Overflow and an active member of Google Developer Groups, Abraham has been recognized by Google as a Developer Expert for his ability to identify technology problems and provide quality solutions in the community.


Pearl Latteier


Pearl Latteier is a software engineer at Bendyworks in Madison WI. She focuses primarily on building JavaScript applications for web and mobile, and she has spoken at conferences around the work on topics including Progressive Web Apps, Web Components, and Polymer. Before becoming a software developer, Pearl earned a PhD in from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where for five years she taught courses in the Department of Communication Arts.