Scrutinizing the Scrutiny

Common approaches to post-incident reviews are often short-sighted in their focus and rarely bring about any real improvements to our overall systems.

This talk will provide insight in to new ways teams are analyzing incidents in retrospect in order to continuously improve system uptime.



Jason Hand


DevOps Evangelist at VictorOps, organizer of DevOpsDays - Rockies, author of “ChatOps for Dummies” and O’Reilly’s “ChatOps: Managing Operations from Group Chat”, co-host of “Community Pulse” (a podcast on building community in tech), and organizer of a number of DevOps related events in the Denver/Boulder area. Jason has spent the last 2 years presenting and building content on a number of DevOps topics such as Post-mortems, ChatOps, Metrics,and the value of context within incident management. A frequent speaker at DevOps events around the country, Jason enjoys talking to audiences large and small on a variety of technical and non-technical subjects.