Why YOU should be a Role Model

My goal is to help women in technology realize that the biggest blocker of our efforts to close the gender gap is the lack of women role models and furthermore realize the potential that each individual woman in tech has to be a role model by exhibiting confidence in what they do.



Victoria Pierce


Victoria is a senior in high school who is incredibly passionate about computer science and making a difference for women in tech. Growing up, she spent ten years living in Uganda, East Africa where gender discrimination was unbelievably prevalent due to cultural differences and she saw many women being under appreciated and taken advantage of simply because of their gender. She believes that her life experience puts her in a position to speak out about the difficulties she sees women facing in and out of tech. She won the state award for Aspirations in Computing through NCWIT AspireIT which led to a summer internship as an Associate Reliability Engineer at SPS Commerce. In addition to computer science, she loves music and dance and she plays guitar, violin, banjo, and piano.