Container Orchestration: Theory & Practice

Everywhere you turn in tech these days, the talk is orchestration of containers. You may be wondering why you’d want this, or maybe you’re figuring out how to get started. The open-source Kubernetes project has gained unprecedented traction in the last few years. We’ll discuss basic Kubernetes primitives and underlying philosophies. We’ll also go through an example of how to deploy and manage a Kubernetes-native application using a tool called Helm which streamlines this process. Armed with a better understanding of how container orchestration works, you’ll be able to make better decisions for your org.



Michelle Noorali

Michelle Noorali is a software engineer at Microsoft and a core maintainer on the Helm project, a package manager for Kubernetes. Michelle also co-leads SIG-Apps which is the Kubernetes special interest group for running and managing applications on Kubernetes. She is primarily a Go developer but has Ruby roots. Michelle is passionate about developer experiences.