How Metrics Shape Your Culture

So often, we hear that culture is the most important part of DevOps. But how do we even know if we’re getting any better or if our initiatives are working if we don’t measure? The CAMS model of DevOps tells us that measurement is important. In this talk, Nicole will show you how you can get a two-fer! Measurement also shapes your culture.



Nicole Forsgren


Dr Nicole Forsgren is an IT impacts expert who is best known for her work with tech professionals and as the lead investigator on the largest DevOps studies to date. She is a consultant, expert, and researcher in knowledge management, IT adoption and impacts, and DevOps. In a previous life, she was a professor, sysadmin, and hardware performance analyst. She has been awarded public and private research grants (funders include NASA and the NSF), and her work has been featured in various media outlets and several peer-reviewed journals and conferences. She holds a PhD in Management Information Systems and a Masters in Accounting. Dr. Forsgren is the CEO and chief scientist at DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA).