Don't call it a Post-Mortem unless somebody died - Continuous Learning for Continuous Improvement

Etsy’s blameless post-mortems are a great step to helping teams transition from a culture of blame to a culture of learning. Still, if you are only capturing learnings after bad things happen, teams are missing an opportunity to implement and learn from regular retrospectives or after-action meetings. Learning isn’t only about capturing the problems experienced during a failure, it is about establishing a continual learning culture aimed at continuous improvement. This talk will go over lessons learned from a team that started with blameless post-mortems and migrated to more regular retrospectives.



Jeffrey Sykes


Jeffrey Sykes is the Director of TechOps at VML. Jeffrey leads a team of around 20 across VML’s North American offices. During his time at VML, Jeffrey has worked across many of VML’s largest clients supporting high-volume web sites utilizing many different technologies, including custom .NET sites, Sitecore, AEM (CQ) and custom Java applications. His assignments have included designing the server and cloud infrastructure for sites along with the actual implementation of the projects.

As a team leader, Jeffrey has worked to help spread the adoption of DevOps methodologies across VML. Other projects include collaborative efforts to develop a company wide architectural assessments for all projects. Prior to VML, Jeffrey worked in various IT roles in Higher education.

Outside of work, Jeffrey enjoys soccer, cooking and sharks.