Please don’t call it DevOpsSec!

It has become clear that the integration of security objectives into DevOps processes is just as important as the integration of other business objectives. There is an economic argument, as well, because fixing a software issue in production is much more costly than fixing it in the development stage. Integrating security early also helps organizations meet goals by reducing the time IT groups spend remediating security issues. This talk will define a reference implementation of DevOps from the ground up, by illustrating how the software delivery process evolves at a hypothetical startup. Once we’ve laid a technical foundation for DevOps, we will discuss the implications for security.



Faz Sadeghi

After spending a number of years in support and sysadmin, Faz finally settled for a technical solutions engineering role with Puppet in 2016. She graduated with a degree in Computer Systems Engineering, carried on working in IT and later on completed a MSc in Advanced Computing Technologies. Outside work and sometimes at work, she enjoys standing on her head, a bit of quiet time to find some head space and working towards completing a yoga teacher training program. Same as a lot of other women, she finds it very difficult to talk about herself and this task is quite a challenge for her right now.