Why SCRUM Daily Standups Need a Facelift

Fifteen minutes should be a small enough time for SCRUM team members to stay engaged in a meeting. Over the last 8 years of being a SCRUM team member, I have found this is not the case. Utilizing an improved format for the daily allows for better team member engagement and focus on completing work.



Adam Johnson

I have been involved in Software since the early 2000’s when I wrote my first BASIC program. I have a unique perspective in that I have worked in almost all roles of your typical scrum team. I have been a QA contractor turned QA engineer turned Software Engineer in Test and eventually a Senior Software Engineer. I am fortunate to have had opportunities spanning Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows so I am happy to be a fan boy for all operating systems. I am a certified SCRUM master and have seen how successful SCRUM can be and how it can also be difficult especially with globally dispersed teams. I am currently a Software Engineering Manager at Ivanti’s Scottsdale office. My team is leading the charge to take our traditionally on premise company to the cloud. Deep down, I have never really left that QA contractor position way back from 2005 and make sure quality is at the forefront of everything we do.