Modeling data deployments on code deployments

Well-defined workflows in software engineering have made code deployments reproducible and reliable. Data deployments, on the other hand, remain haphazard and unpredictable. In this talk we’ll explore open source techniques for packaging, versioning, and deploying data in reproducible units that resemble containers, data packages.



Aneesh Karve


Aneesh Karve is cofounder and CTO at Quilt, Docker for data. Previously, Aneesh was a product manager and lead designer at Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Matterport. Aneesh served as the general manager for AdJitsu, the first real-time 3D advertising platform for iOS, acquired by Amobee in 2012. Aneesh’s research background spans proteomics, machine learning, and algebraic number theory. He holds degrees in computer science, mathematics, and chemistry.