ChatOps! - What's, How's & Possibilities...

ChatOps not only enables better communication, collaboration within DevOps teams but also offers an opportunity to implement LEAN processes and services.

For an enterprise, in DevOps, its quintessential to maintain, good seggregation of duties with auditability, create services for IT maintenance and furnish them as a plethora of services developed & rolled out collabortively by Dev & Ops.

Why we did it:

Introducing a bot amongst the DevOps team to helped in performing some maintenance activities, talked to us about issues, suggested solutions, made ITSM processes LEAN while adhering to our enterprise standarads and guidelines.

Interested to know:

  • How are code commits, builds, tests, etc keeping Developers informed using Jenkins?
  • How we created playbooks in Ansible & exposed them as services with auditability using Ansible Tower?
  • Integrated with other enterprise tooling?
  • How is Ops being appraised of production?
  • How does Dev & Ops work as DevOps via this medium?



Arnab Sinha

Arnab is a tech savvy, innovator at heart and has played the role of Continuous Delivery Specialist, Agile Coach & Solution Architect for various multi-national customers.

Dreams, Believes and Implements ideas which is demonstrated by multiple patents held by him, open source contributions and has helped organizations reap benefits.