Teaching Troubleshooting Through Modesty and Anti-Pattern Analysis

How is it that some team members are really great at troubleshooting and others get stuck and give up easily? Anti-patterns play a major role in our troubleshooting processes and practices. In this talk we will discuss the role of anti-patterns in teaching better troubleshooting and analysis.



Melanie Cey


Melanie Cey is currently a Senior Systems Reliability Engineer at Yardi Systems. Melanie relocated from Yardi in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada to Yardi’s headquarters in Santa Barbara, CA in August 2015. After spending 7 years on software development teams in various roles, she has devoted the last 8 years of her professional career to answering questions related to culture, automation, measurement and sharing in software development and hosting. Yardi’s Cloud Services team manages hundreds of HyperV hosts and thousands of virtual machines across multiple datacenters throughout the world. Melanie’s team is responsible for the implementation and administration of monitoring, alerting, and log aggregation and analysis tools, as well as examining systems and environments with the goal of recommending performance and resiliency improvements.