API Management - Why DevOps is critical to it's success

Full life cycle API management is hotter than ever and on the rise, driven by the “API Economy”. DevOps methodologies, tooling, and processes are essential to their adoption and success. What is even more exciting is DevOps teams can leverage API Management technology internally.



Michael Glenney


I am a Solutions Architect for New Context Services, a San Francisco based Lean Security, Devops, and Automation consulting firm. I am based in Mesa, Arizona. Locally I have worked as a Sr. DevOps Engineer for both Apollo Group and Lifelock. I wouldn’t know a One Direction member from a Two Directions member but I’m sure they’re great people. I have 4 kids. I grew up in Ahwatukee. In my spare time I hang with the kids, like to travel, and listen to classic rock, metal, and old-skool rap.