Sharing: What's in it for me!?

Sharing. It’s one of the four pillars of CAMS. We consume so much shared content but have we ever thought about sharing from the point of view of the Sharer? Why should I share? If I’m constantly sharing information what do I get out of it? What’s in it for me!?

This ignite talk looks at sharing through the eyes of a Sharer. What benefits do they receive out of sharing?



Glenn Sarti


Windows Software and Infrastructure Developer - With a penchant for DevOps, Puppet, Neo4j or anything Windows related. — I’m originally from Perth (Western Australia), but in December 2015, my family and I made the big move to Portland (Oregon, United States), where I now work at Puppet as Senior Software Developer on the Agent and Platform team. I have spent well over a decade as a Windows Client and Infrastructure engineer, with a heavy focus on automation and infrastructure software development. I was also a co-organiser for the DevOps meetup in Perth and have spoken at local meetups in Portland and Perth. I’m also a contributor to Neo4j, helping out with management of Neo4j on Windows.