VMware ecosystem in 5 minutes

VMware is everywhere. But most people think it’s just ESXi and maybe vCenter on top of it. Watching this talk will give you a quick understanding of how the VMware ecosystem has grown. Along with the growth, multiple rebranding and name changes has caused confusion. If you’re boss is thinking about purchasing vRA/vRO/NSX/vCAC/vSAN/vCAir for half of your IT budget and you don’t know what it is, this talk aims to give you clarity here.

VMware isn’t just ESXi anymore, the growth of this platform is mind boggling and clarity is required to make informed decisions for your business.


JJ Asghar

JJ works with Strategic Technical Alliances at Chef Software making integrations work with Chef, Habitat, and InSpec. He works on everything from Azure, VMware, OpenStack, and Cisco with ever ything in between. He also heads up the Chef Partner Cookbook Program, dubbed Sippy Cup, to make sure customers of Chef and vendors get the highest quality certified cookbooks.

He lives and grew up in Austin, Texas. He enjoys a good strong stout, hoppy IPA, and some team building Artemis, madding Dwarf Fortress or Rimworld or possibly pair programming cluster Factor io. He’s a member of the Church of Emacs, though jumps into Vim on remote machines. He usually chooses Ubuntu over CentOS, but secretly wants FreeBSD everywhere. He’s always trying to become a better Ruby developer, but flirts with Go, Rust, and only when he has to, Node. A father and husband, if he’s not trying to automate his job away he’s always to convince his daughters to “b e button makers not button pushers.”