Continuous Delivery to the PowerShell Gallery for your Modules and Scripts

Can I teach you to do Continuous Delivery to the PowerShell Gallery for your PowerShell Modules in 5 minutes?

Why would this talk be a good fit for the DevOpsDays audience?

Relational databases are further behind in the DevOps cycle than many other areas of the industry and this talk will add in a light hearted fashion some excellent points to think about. (also I am presenting a pre-con and sessions at PSConfAsia)

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Rob Sewell

Rob is a SQL Server DBA with a passion for Powershell, Azure, Automation, and SQL (PaaS geddit?).

Rob is currently working as a consultant for DLM Consultants enabling organisations world wide to ensure that the database is not the bottleneck to delivery

He is a Cloud and Data Center MVP, an officer for the PASS PowerShell VG and has spoken at and volunteered at many events. He is a member of the committee that organises SQL Saturday Exeter, PSDay.UK and also the European PowerShell Conference. He is a proud supporter of the SQL and Powershell communities.