Keynote: Taking DevOps to the Org Chart

One of the implications of DevOps is a merger of development and corresponding operations teams into several build-it-and-run-it teams.

This means the typical tech organization that supports an old-guard business must reorganize to realize the full potential of DevOps.

It is insufficient to only aim for better engineering techniques and greater automation, hard as that may be in itself. The reorg is a challenge for large tech organizations that are often split down the middle in the form of a change organization and a run organization.

This talk explores the challenge and describes how it being addressed at some companies.

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Sriram Narayan


Sriram is Digital & IT management consultant at ThoughtWorks.

He helps clients improve the performance of their Digital, IT (appdev) and Product organizations by reviewing and reshaping their operating model. e.g. transition from project-centric mode to a product-centric mode

He previously served as leadership coach, director-innovation, member of ThoughtWorks Technology Advisory Board and helped with product innovation and advocacy for Go.

His hat collection includes developer, manager, architect and agile coach. He’s an occasional speaker at conferences.

His book Agile IT Org Design describes a complete operating model for digital agility. It was nominated to the top of a CIO reading list curated by the Enterprises Project — a joint initiative of the CIO magazine and Harvard Business Review. Nomination to this list came from the CIO of Vanguard — one of the world’s largest investment companies. The book was also featured in a digital leaders reading list by the Managing Director of Consumer Digital at Lloyds Banking Group.