Coming up with the next Business Innovation Breakthrough

Innovation does not need to be a magical act of randomness, or dependent on a single person. It can be the result of structured processes that drives engineers and managers to create the next breakthroughs. The key lies in understanding customer’s limitations better than anyone else (including the customers) and then finding breakthrough ideas to remove these limitations.

TOC Business Innovation The TOC Innovation Process is applied in an array of industries such as electronics, equipment, consumer products, food, toys, baby care products, automotive, IT, finance, and pharma. It addresses three key questions: How to come up with the next powerful value proposition for the market? How to align all needed stakeholders to support it? How to convert the idea into a successful business?



Rami Goldratt

Keynote Speaker

Rami Goldratt is Chief Executive Officer of Goldratt Consulting, headquartered in Israel and represented around the world, and is recognized worldwide as a leading Theory of Constraints (TOC) authority. Rami worked with his father, Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, in developing the TOC Insights. Rami is considered one of the most influential leaders of the TOC body of knowledge and is highly regarded for developing the TOC applications to Sales and Marketing. Rami was also among the pioneers in developing and implementing TOC applications for the education system – guiding hundreds of teachers around the world in applying the TOC Thinking Processes for children’s education.