DevOps and Holacracy (a.k.a.: Are You a Manager or a Leader?)

Having the right cultural environment is key for DevOps success. In this short ignite talk, I would like to give some inspiration what it means to work together in a devops environment and the typical challenges:

  • Away from tradtitional management (command & control)
  • Towards Devops leadership: The coach, asking the right question, creating the right environment and the self-organizing team, with a strong improvement culture towards a common vision



Alex Lichtenberger


Alex Lichtenberger is a DevOps enthusiast at Pontine and constantly building bridges between Dev, Ops and business. Alex has almost 20 years of professional experience in various areas, starting in software engineering, then moving to operations, project management and organizational coaching. As a passionate Agile, Lean & DevOps blogger he recently created the community platform