Best practise Kubernetes

Have you started to use Kubernetes? Still unsure about what the best practise is? This workshop will go through the current best practise methods of deploying applications on Kubernetes, including security, high availability and tips and tricks on using kubectl, helm and CI/CD with k8s.

The workshop will comprise of everyone getting their own Kubernetes cluster on AWS. We’ll look into the differences between deployments and stateful sets, daemon sets etc and which is the best solution for which application, also how to secure your kubernetes cluster when using multi tenancy, how services actually reach the pods in the cluster, and how to survive random node failure using pod anti affinity. The workshop is aimed at people who have used kubernetes in the past, but still have questions on how the internals work and how to best run applications inside the cluster. The level of the workshop will be adjusted based on the attendees experience on the day, but it would be helpful if attendees have used Kubernetes before.



Andy Repton

Andy Repton is a Mission Critical Engineer at Schuberg Philis. A keen learner, he uses innovative open source technologies to design solutions to all sorts of challenges, ranging from running genomics ...