On Being A Developer Advocate

DevOps professionals are required for teams to advocate on behalf of software. Without Developer Advocates, code exists as text in a repository. By spreading the value of good information we can help good practices become part of the DevOps experience.

From 2002 till about 2017 I was a System Administrator and DevOps professional for some of the most recognizable companies in technology. A better portion of my career has been spent finding solutions to tough problems, keeping systems online and helping customers. In 2017 I took on the job of Developer Advocate at MongoDB to assist them in reaching technology professionals with much of the same mindset around reliability of distributed systems. This shift required me to not only modify the minds of others, but to learn an entirely new career. I liken the shift much like that of the career automotive mechanic being told, “Now it’s time to write a newsletter for other mechanic.” I’d like to spend some time discussing how more people from the Systems Engineering and DevOps world should look to join the world of advocacy. How marketing teams can benefit from embedded with people who have put in the hours of behind systems engineering and development.



Jay Gordon

Jay Gordon is a Developer Advocate at MongoDB focused on providing users with a great experience with MongoDB in the Cloud. He joined MongoDB in 2016 after many years as working as a System ...