A Shift to DevOps and Microservices for Fuel Retailers

DevOps is not a position, title or an engineering degree.

It is culture, empathy and collaboration. This is the ammunition one needs to break down silos, poor communications, and ultimately ridding ourselves of these monolithic, stagnant and non-scalable ecosystem.

In Circle K Europe, a number of our new digital services takes the form of microservices and they are containerised and deployed in its natural cloud habitat. Coupled with bursty release cycles and highly competent insourced development/devops teams, these services can be integrated with traditional monolithic systems whilst providing a platform for exit and further innovation. The strategy is anchored in automation, devops, and APIs. Under the hood lies continuous integration, infra as code, and build automation principles, sprinkled liberally with RESTful APIs.

This workshop aims to share our findings and journey towards cloud, devops, and microservice. As part of the devops discourse, this talk is also an open dialogue and a technical deep dive for examining one of the key aspect that is enterprise transformation at the Circle K.



Yves Hwang


Yves is a full stack software craftsman with a passion for software architecture and product development. A developer at heart and working as a Principal Architect at Circle K, Yves is opinionated