Multicloud on My Mind

This talk will describe to attendees some steps they can take right now to ease their transition to multicloud deployments, as well as how they can accomplish multicloud deployments today using the 3 big clouds’ kubernetes as a service.

Prepare for Multicloud

This section of the talk will introduce the topics I will cover. These topics include Paying Down Technical Debt, Refining CI/CD processes that may be outdated or have gained significant cruft over time, Refining and streamlining current Single Cloud Operations and Containerizing your applications.

Multicloud Now

In this part of the talk I will explore the benefits of the current kubernetes as a service offerings from AWS, GCP, and Azure and how to minimize the delta between cloud deployment configurations. I will also make suggestions as to how to ensure traffic is routed to all of your cloud deployments (spoiler: use a CDN).



Michael Mucciarone

I have been working with the various Cloud platforms, Docker, CI/CD, and various other DevOps tools for several years now. My undergraduate degree is acutally in Music Performance (primary instrument: ...