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DevOps Days is dedicated to bringing systems administration and development together. Michigan, and Detroit specifically, is uniquely positioned to lead this integration due to its highly skilled engineers. We are a collection of makers with a common vision for excellence, change, and the grit to reinvent a city. Presentations will have a broad range of topics, with something for everyone. This conference is about much more than the tools we use. It is a forum for exploring the cultural impact that DevOps has on an organization. Hearing this positive, powerful message from our peers is the best way to integrate this way of thinking. Come join us for a unique yearly event that will showcase a slice of that collective innovation. People in all stages of their career will be present from university students, to local startups, to leaders of industry.


Being a sponsor of this conference is of mutual benefit to sponsor and attendee. Not only are attendees able to enjoy the variety of products and services offered by sponsors, but sponsors also get the opportunity to interact with their audience in a friendly environment. DevOpsDays 2017 attracted over 300 attendees, a 20% increase from the previous year.


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1 Minute Pitch To Full Audience (including streaming audience, if applicable)
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