DevOps in a scaling environment

DevOps is a unique paradigm, the marriage of the two competing ideas - flexibility, innovation and risk taking on one side, and transparency, standardization and predictability on the other. The larger the enterprise, the stronger the disagreement between the sides, the trickier it is to close the gap, the greater and more interesting the challenge. To solve such a puzzle, the first step is to identify its pieces - teams, players, processes, tools, bottlenecks, and existing silos. Most importantly, there is the need to recognize that all the existing hurdles are the results of a lengthy evolutionary processes. Understanding the past, current and future objectives of everyone involved by everyone involved is the place to start. In this workshop, we will discuss the various aspects of a digital transformation in a large enterprise:

  1. Source control (SCM)
  2. Continuous Integration - building, unit testing
  3. Artifact packaging and continuous deployment
  4. Dependency and binary management
  5. Integration testing - test environment provisioning, dependency (service) virtualization
  6. Continuous code inspection
  7. Containerization, API’s, micro-services and server-less architecture
  8. Multi-Speed IT - from a system of record to CAD, from firmware to mobile applications under the same roof

Switching between short presentations, hands-on exercises, demos and white boarding sessions, the audience will share their Digital Transformation challenges and experiences, get fresh perspectives and test own their ideas. Attendees are highly encouraged to share the topic and use cases of interest to them, and we will orchestrate the workshop around accordingly.