Five hops to DevOps – Changing the culture around software deployment in the public sector

DevOps isn’t just for tech start-ups and large software houses! The British Geological Survey (BGS) is a world-leading public-sector geological survey. It focuses on public-good science for government, and research to understand earth and environmental processes. Software development in the organisation is diverse and varied ranging from individual scientists’ models and simulations to public facing websites, mobile apps and desktop applications.

18 months ago, DevOps wasn’t a word in our everyday vernacular, development was isolated and monolithic software projects with infrequent, unstructured deployments were the norm. Now things are changing. Unified code storage, continuous integration and deployment and a transition towards microservices have rapidly altered how we build and deliver software.

In this talk, I will highlight our experiences in building a DevOps culture and five key lessons we learnt along the way that shaped our approaches. Hopefully these will help your organisation embark on a journey of its own!



Andrew Bean

Andrew is a Geospatial Application Developer at the British Geological Survey (BGS). His job entails developing web-apps, websites and mobile applications for visualising, analysing and collecting ...