Ship of Fools: Shoring up Kubernetes Security

Hackers gonna hack. They have their own motivations, and they don’t care about your constraints. As attackers, they want to find vulnerabilities and exploit them. As a defender, your mission is to stop them. Mistakes can be easy to make, but with the right configuration and attention to security best practices many attacks can be prevented.

This talk will give you practical advice about securing your Kubernetes clusters, from an attacker’s perspective. We’ll walk through the attack process from discovery to post-exploitation, and you’ll walk away with tools and techniques that can be used for prevention along the way. Learn how to keep your infrastructure safer by making a hacker’s job harder.



Ian Coldwater

Ian Coldwater is a DevOps Engineer at Jamf Software and a grown teenage hacker who is passionate about information security. She spends a lot of time breaking vulnerable software and teaching ...