Experiences of a 17-y/o in the Tech Scene

After Ali Splittel motivated me to do a talk about “my age”, I initially thought that there isn’t much to talk about. But however, it seems like many people are indeed interested in my personal career, how I got into programming and how I got to where I am right now.

In this talk, I will tell attendees about my background, how I got into programming and especially, my open source journey - from my first Pull Request in the Hacktoberfest to becoming an active contributor and maintainer. I will also share some of my most inspiring moments in the tech community. However, neither my professional nor my private life is a cinderella story, I will also reveal challenges like devoting enough time for school, making sacrifices in relationships, having to cancel conferences for both school and money reasons and the constant pressure of having to achieve something as well as repeatedly being under-appreciated for ageism reasons.



Felix Wu


Felix is a 17 year old Software Engineer working as a Frontend Consultant for TNG Technology Consulting. In his free time, he is an active Open Source contributor and the co-creator of the JavaScript