The Bottleneck Effect: Using Value Stream Maps to Improve Delivery Flow

According to The DevOps Handbook, the First Way focuses on Fast Flow. Of course. Adopt trunk-based development, write automated tests, setup a CI/CD pipeline. With this, teams should be shipping business value wicked fast. So why aren’t we? What are the things still slowing us down?

In this session, we’ll introduce the practice of Value Stream Mapping, and how we can leverage lean principles and systems thinking to help uncover the things that slow us down. Let’s stop playing the improvement whack-a-mole game and instead take a holistic approach to expose the next best opportunity to improve the delivery of value to our end users.



Matt Ring

Matt Ring is an Agile & Technical Coach at Principal Financial Group, a recovering (full-stack) app developer and former technical product owner over .NET development tooling used across the ...

Nick Herrig