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Our local team

Dan Collins


Current Analytics Corporation

Dan is a U of H graduate with over 20 years of experience in software and systems development. In the Microsoft-heavy world of Houston retail energy systems, he specializes in non-Microsoft technologies with an emphasis on lean methodology and automated software pipelines. Dan is a recovering, former advocate of embedded IT, a blockchain gadfly and has been leading the Houston DevOps Meetup since June 2017. The future is decentralized, distributed, renewable, sustainable and powered by Houston Texas.


Devlin Liles


Improving - Houston

Devlin is a President at Improving – Houston, 6 time Microsoft MVP, and a passionate technologist.


Julia Ito


Endurance Corporation

Julia is a Product Manager and technology passionate, who loves delivering solutions that matter faster and better.


Keegan Cotton



Keegan is an Senior Account Executive at Datadog. Both a West Point graduate and London Business School alumnus, Keegan has a 20 year track record as a catalyst for both large and small organizations - helping them grow into new markets across several continents. Keegan has led organizations both in and out of uniform, and helped those organizations refine and execute on their business technology strategies. Native Texan. DevOps enthusiast. Avid learner. Proud father and husband.


Reggie Davis


Global Custom Commerce

Reggie is a self-taught programmer turned cloud engineer who has a passion for designing cloud architecture, increasing developer efficiency through the practice of DevOps, and improving the culture of technology by creating highly collaborative environments. Co-founder of the meetup group, ‘Tech for the Culture’ and co-organizer of Ng-Houston.


Ryan Hillard


U.S. Small Business Administration

Ryan is a design thinking agile geek and DevOps enthusiast obsessed with wicked problems.


Shravan Arra


The Altus Group

Shravan has 20+ years of software industry experience holding positions from programming to leadership roles both in commercial organizations and Non-Profit organizations. He has been associated with a highly successful Agile Leadership Network Houston user group for many years in many leadership positions. Combines his strong technical background with influencing modern development practices in his teams to transform teams and deliver high valued applications. Currently serving as Director of Development Operations at The Altus Group. Long time Houstonian, loves to watch the Texans.


Svetlana Kryukova


Two Sigma Solutions

Svetlana is a software development leader with over 20 years of experience in enterprise software. Passionate about building teams, creating new products and solving problems. Co-organizer of Houston DevOps Meetup since June 2018.


The core devopsdays organizer group

Bridget Kromhout (lead), Kris Buytaert, Serhat Can, Jennifer Davis, Bernd Erk, Rafael Gomes, Nathen Harvey, Matthew Jones, Dan Maher, Ken Mugrage, Mike Rosado, Andrew Clay Shafer, Matt Stratton (web team lead), John Willis

Patrick Debois (founder), Damon Edwards, Anthony Goddard, Lindsay Holmwood, Gildas Le Nadan, Stephen Nelson-Smith, Julian Simpson, Christian Trabold, John Vincent, James Wickett