devopsdays Washington, DC - Location

We are currently in search of a location. Selection criteria are listed below. Contact the organizers ( ) if you are able to help secure a location for the event or if you have ideas for a location.

  • Space for 450 - 600 people
  • One room set theatre-style for the keynotes and ignite sessions large enough to accomodate all attendees.
  • One room set in a large circle, large enough to hold all attendees.
  • 8-10 breakout rooms with space to accommodate all attendees during the open spaces.
  • Space for sponsors to set-up tables
  • Space for breakfast and lunch
  • Preferably in the District, must be metro rail accessible
  • Accessible to all attendees
  • Good WiFi
  • Prefer free or inexpensive location
  • Onsite staff for things like security, set-up, clean-up, furniture, etc.
  • Good flow throughout the venue for easy access to sponsors and food