A Hands-On Introduction to DevOps with Cloud Foundry

I will provide a hands-on introduction to working with Cloud Foundry, focussing on DevOps aspects and explaining how a PaaS solution is an ideal platform for working in DevOps mode. I will first introduce a sample architecture consisting of three components: an API written in Node storing data in a MongoDB instance and sending events to a RabbitMq queue. A UI written in React, consuming the API and a mailer reading messages from RabbitMq and sending mails via an external mail provider (Mailgun). Working with this example, I will then go through the following topics hands-on in Cloud Foundry:

  1. Basic concepts: Orgs, Spaces, Accounts, Roles
  2. The command line interface
  3. Services
  4. Apps
  5. Pushing apps
  6. Service binding
  7. Routes
  8. Scaling an app
  9. Zero-downtime deployment

At the end I will add some time for Q&A.