Edson Yanaga

Title: The Deploy Master: From Basic to Zero Downtime, Blue/Green, A/B, and Canary


The “deploy moment” is an occasion that still gives many developers the shivers. But it shouldn’t be this way (at least not every time). Luckily enough, we have tools and processes today that enable us to turn the deploy moment into a usual activity.

Check out this session to learn how we can evolve our Java deployment process from the very basic to zero downtime and then apply some very interesting strategies such as blue/green, A/B, and Canary deployments.


Edson Yanaga

Edson Yanaga


Edson Yanaga, Diretor de Experiência do Desenvolvedor da Red Hat, é Java Champion e Microsoft MVP. Também é um autor reconhecido internacionalmente e palestrante frequente em eventos internacionais, discutindo Java, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Microservices e Software Craftsmanship.